TNR Program

Animal Services


Trap, Neuter, Release Program (TNR)

Our TNR Program for feral cats is for Levy County residents only.  A driver's license showing proof of address will be required prior to the use of this program.  We will be scheduling 18 cats to be spayed/neutered once a month.  The maximum amount of cats one person can bring in is 3-4.  Cats are to be dropped off the day before the scheduled surgery and will be scheduled to leave the day after surgery.  All cats must arrive in a trap. If you do not have a cat trap you will be allowed to obtain 3-4 cat traps from LCAS with a deposit of $25 (cash or check) for each trap.  When picking up the cats you may use a carrier to take the cats home in.  If you are bringing the cats home in the trap you will have until the following Monday to return the trap(s) or the deposit will be cashed.  Additionally, all cats undergoing surgery will have their ear-tipped (this cannot be declined by the caregiver of the cat).