Minimum Home Size Requirements for One & Two Family Dwellings

Building Department

Minimum Home Size Requirements for One & Two Family Dwellings

Levy County does not have a minimum size requirement for one & two family dwellings.  However, the County does enforce the "Florida Building Code" which has several minimum requirements. These requirements provide specifications for the internal floor area of dwellings and rooms as follows:

  1. Habitable rooms, except kitchens, must have a floor area of not less than 70 square feet. (FBC-Residential R304.1 Minimum Area)
  2. A habitable room is defined as all rooms used for living, dining, sleeping, and cooking purposes. (FBC-Residential R202 Definitions)
  3. Bathrooms, closets, halls, and utility spaces are not considered habitable rooms. (FBC-Residential R202 Definitions)
  4. All residential units shall provide at least one bathroom, located with maximum possible privacy. (FBC-Residential R320.1.1)
  5. Bathroom: A group of fixtures consisting of a water closet, lavatory and bathtub or shower. (FBC-Residential R202 Definitions)
  6. Each dwelling must have a minimum of one water closet, one lavatory, one bathtub, one kitchen sink and one automatic clothes waster connection. (FBC Building-Plumbing [P] Table 2902.1)
  7. Habitable rooms, except kitchens, must not be less than 7 feet in any horizontal dimension. (FBC-Residential R304.2 Minimum dimensions)
  8. Portions of a room with a sloping ceiling measuring less than 5 feet or a furred ceiling measuring less than 7 feet from the finished floor to the finished ceiling are not to be considered as contributing to the minimum required habitable area for that room. (FBC-Residential R304.3 Height effect on room area)

Please note that there may be covenants or deed restrictions that have minimum size regulations. These would be privately enforced by the parties who are subject to them. It is suggested that a visit be made to the offices of the Clerk of Circuit Court, or contact a title lawyer, to investigate covenants or deed restrictions. 

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