Emergency Management

Emergency Management


Under the Levy County Board of County Commissioners, the Levy County Department of Emergency Management (LCDEM) is tasked as the primary county agency responsible for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for emergencies.  Including, but not limited to hurricanes, severe weather events, hazardous materials, radiological events (Nuclear Power Plant), critical facilities inventory, hazards analyses and certain aspects of terrorism.

To receive emergency alerts from Levy County, please sign up at alertlevy.com

Visit our site at levydisaster.com for more information.  For information for the State of Florida Emergency Management, please visit, floridadisaster.org

Levy County Special Needs Sheltering Registry
If you have a special medical or functional need that requires assistance during evacuation and sheltering, please register at levyspecialneeds.com

Shelter Information
The following shelters are designated as official hurricane shelter locations by the Department of Emergency Management.  You should try to evacuate to the home of a friend or family member outside of the Evacuation Area.  A shelter should be your refuge of last resort if you have absolutely nowhere else to go.

Bronson Elementary School
Special Needs
400 Ishie Ave
Capacity: 800
Chiefland Elementary School

1205 NW 4th Ave
Capacity:  820
Williston Elementary School
801 South Main St
Capacity:  775 
Chiefland Middle School
811 NW 4th Drive
Capacity:  800
Bronson Middle High School
351 Ishie Ave (C32)
Capacity:  800 
Joyce Bulluck Elementary School
130 SW 3rd Street
Capacity 775 
Williston Middle High School
350 Robert Philpot Way
Capacity:  800 

Careful planning and quick response to a hurricane threat will reduce damage to your home and could save your life.  Most importantly, you must EVACUATE if you are told to do so by local officials.  Material possessions are replaceable, your life is not.  Take action now to be better prepared for hurricane season.  

Levy Weather Stem

The WeatherStem platform is live data collected by weather instruments, cloud cameras, agricultural probes, and other sources.  There are several locations in Levy County where you can get live updates about the weather in that area.

The locations are:
Bronson Middle High School
Cedar Key School
LCEM Chiefland
LCEM Williston Middle High School
LCEM Yankeetown
The WeatherStem is also available on IOS and Android.  Download the app today to stay up to date on the weather in your area or visit the website levy.weatherstem.com

Contact Information
John MacDonald, Director

Mailing/Street Address:
7911 NE 90th Street
Bronson, FL 32621

Telephone:  (352) 486-5213
Fax:  (352) 486-5152
Email:  johnmacdonald@levydisaster.com

Main Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.