Services We Offer

State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP)


Services We Offer

Rehabilitation Repairs
SHIP provides assistance to qualifying applicants to make repairs to owner-occupied households.  Repairs are geared towards improving the health and safety of these households in the form of an interest-free second mortgage.  This loan is forgivable as long as the applicant continues to own and occupy the rehabilitated home as their primary residence for 10 years.

Home Buyer's Assistance
SHIP provides assistance to qualifying applicants in the form of down payment and closing costs for existing and new construction of affordable homes.

Disaster Mitigation
SHIP assistance is given to households residing in owner-occupied homes in all four income categories following a natural disaster as declared by either the President of the United States of America or the Governor of the State of Florida.  The terms under which this assistance is given are outlined on the receipt and disbursement of funds and may take the form of a grant.