Planning and Zoning Department

Planning and Zoning Department


New Procedures - Building Permits - Starting August 1, 2021

All building permit applications for residential construction (site built or mobile home), commercial, and industrial will require a previously obtained Zoning Approval Letter from our Planning and Zoning Department.

Please plan ahead to make sure it is obtained before you submit your building permit application as the Permit Technicians will not be able to take the application without it.  Not having it could delay your application by up to two weeks.  It can’t be done the day you attempt to apply for a building permit.

How to obtain a Zoning Approval Letter – a few ways to obtain:

  1. Please fill out a Zoning Inquiry form found at the front counter and specify the need for a Zoning Approval Letter. Include a site plan of your proposed project.
  2. Go online where you can find the form under the Levy County Planning and Zoning Department. Fill it out and make sure a site plan of your proposed project is also included and email it with the heading “Zoning Approval Letter Request” to or
  3. If you are needing a Zoning Approval Letter for Commercial or Industrial, we require a meeting to discuss the project to make sure all zoning requirements are met before issuing the Zoning Approval Letter.

Please note, it takes up to two weeks to obtain a Zoning Approval Letter based on current workload/backlog.  Please plan ahead.

The Planning and Zoning Department maintains and administers the Levy County Comprehensive Plan and the Levy County Land Development Code. The department conducts research and analysis to assess and promote, in the public interest, the best use of the County’s natural and physical resources and to develop policies, plans and ordinances to that end.

The Department responds to the citizens, general public, land development professionals and realtors inquiring about permitted land uses and development standards.  The Department is also responsible for processing all applications related to rezoning, variances, special exceptions, conditional uses, vested rights, and appeals in accordance with state and local laws.

The Department is responsible for processing Future Land Use Map and text amendments and reviewing proposed amendments for consistency with the Levy County Comprehensive Plan.  For any proposed Future Land Use Map amendments, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (352) 486-5405 to schedule a meeting to discuss the proposed amendment before making application.

If you have a question about zoning on your property please submit a request in writing to

All zoning verifications are done in writing via email or by zoning form that can be picked up in the office.

Please include in your written request your parcel identification number (can be found on the Property Appraisers website) and address.  Depending on the amount of research requested there may be a fee of $75.  You will be notified if your request meets that threshold.

General areas of interest within the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 50 are Article XIII Zoning, Division 3 District Regulations, Subdivision I, Section 676, Schedule 1.  Use Regulations (zoning categories and permitted uses) and Schedule 2. Lot, Yard and Height Regulations (setbacks, etc.). These and other code references can be found within the quick link below.


If you require a special exception, conditional use or rezoning you can submit your application to or drop it off at 622 E. Hathaway Ave, Bronson, FL 32621.

Rezoning Application 

Conditional Use Application

Special Exception Application

Application Fees and Payment Information:

Please do not remit payment till the department has reviewed the application and deemed them complete.  Additional copies* and payment will be requested after a 30-day sufficiency review, once applications are deemed complete.

Credit Card Payment Form


(Please contact us if you do not see the information and application you need below)








Starting at $600










*Copies are an additional charge if provided by our office.

**Verification fee of $75 is subjected to number of parcels or extend of research necessary to answer inquiries and will be requested prior to verification if deemed necessary.  Please include parcel ID and any zoning-specific questions so we can best assist you.

The following documents may be obtained by contacting the Planning Department at (352) 486-5203 or by email

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application 

Levy County Comprehensive Plan (Plan coming soon)


Advisory Board - Levy County Planning Commission

Member Name
Member Type
Term Expires
James (JD) Holmes III
District 1
Thomas J. Harper (Chair)
District 2
Thadus Barber Jr. 
District 3
Parks Wilson (Vice-Chair)
District 4
Thomas J. Inman 
District 5
John Lott
Non-Voting School Board Member
Robert Lowyns
Kelly Bishop

Five members and four alternates, who shall be residents of the county and appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.  One non-voting member, representing the Levy County School Board.

Term Length:
4 years, with the exception of the non-voting school board member.

Term of Office:
All appointments shall continue to be effective until their successors are chosen.  Any vacancy in membership shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of County Commissioners who shall be filled for the unexpired term by the board of County Commissioners who shall have the authority to remove any member for cause, upon written charges, after a public hearing.

Powers and Duties:
To prepare and recommend to the Board of County Commissioners the adoption of a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the county and to perfect it from time to time.  In conducting its work, the planning commission may consider and investigate any subject matter tending to the development and betterment of the county and may make recommendations as it may deem advisable concerning the adoption thereof to the Board of County Commissioners.  The comprehensive plan shall be based upon and include appropriate studies of the location and extent of present and anticipated use of land, population, social and economic resources and problems, and other useful data.  The planning commission is advisory to the Board of County Commissioners and makes recommendations on all requests for rezonings, special exceptions, planned unit developments, conditional use permits, comprehensive plan policy amendments, and final subdivision plats.  The Planning Commission prepares and recommends to the Board of County Commissioners for adoption, rules, and regulations governing the approval of maps and plats of the subdivision of land within the geographical boundaries of the county in accordance with the requirement of maps and plats, F.S. Chapter 177.

Meetings: First Monday of the Month at 5:30 P.M.
(Unless otherwise re-scheduled because of Holidays)

December 6, 2021
January 3, 2022
February 7, 2022
March 7, 2022
April 4, 2022
May 2, 2022
June 6, 2022
July 11, 2022*
August 1, 2022
September 12, 2022*
October 3, 2022
November 7, 2022
December 5,2022

*Rescheduled from regular 1st Monday because of a holiday.
Submittal deadline is first work day of the month.
Mandatory Sufficiency Review Meetings are scheduled two- weeks before submittal deadline.

Meeting Location:
Levy County Annex
County Commissioners Board Room
310 School Street
Bronson, FL 32621

Contact Information:
For questions regarding the Levy County Comprehensive Plan please email or call (352) 486-5203 or Stacey Hectus, Planning and Zoning Director at  
Planning Fax: (352) 486-5549

For questions regarding Levy County zoning, rezoning's, subdivisions, special exceptions or conditional uses please email or call (352) 486-5198 and press option #2 or (352) 486-5203.
Zoning Fax: (352) 486-3492