Current Solicitations

Procurement Department


Current Solicitations

The Levy County Procurement Department uses the DemandStar system to provide information about current solicitations to potential contractors, consultants, and other vendors, as well as the general public.  The system allows subscribers to receive information about current solicitations quickly at any time of day.

View our Current Solicitations on DemandStar

Levy County only accepts electronic submittals through "E-Bidding" on the DemandStar platform.  In order to submit a proposal/bid in response to solicitations the proposer/bidder must be registered with DemandStar.

To Submit a Bid:
Step 1:  Click on the Solicitation
Step 2:  Once you are in the solicitation, you will see the Bid Details page that is standard for all solicitations (When you are ready to submit your bid, click on "Submit E-Bid Proposal"
Step 3:  Enter information requested page-by-page and you can see what will come next via the menu bar on the left under "E-Bid Progress".  (If there is not a total bid amount in your submission, please put "0").  Example: a request for qualifications opportunity may not require a bid amount so vendors should put "0" under "Bid Amount". 
Step 4:  After you click NEXT on the Contact Information Page, you will be directed to enter the documents required.  Levy County typically requires one document, however, in others, they may ask you for multiple documents that each need to be uploaded separately.  TIP: There is a place for you to add "Supplemental", i.e. non-required documents. 
Step 5:  Review Your E-Bid Response, and if everything is correct, then press "Submit Response".  You are done!

Levy County cannot view your submission until the due date and time of the solicitation.