Doing Business with Levy County

Procurement Department


Doing Business with Levy County

Levy County requires all new and existing vendors, who are interested in continuing to do business with Levy County, to fill out a Vendor Information Sheet and update their W9 Form. This information is necessary to update our files or to add your name to the County's vendor list.  You are a vital part of the operation of Levy County and we want to thank you for your support.  The information on this form will allow us to pay you for the goods and/or services we have received in a timely manner and give us the ability to contact the necessary person in case there is a problem or question in processing.

To obtain a copy of the Vendor Information Sheet please contact Ali Tretheway at (352) 486-5218 ext. 2 or by email

Submittal of this registration and W9 will NOT guarantee that the vendor will be automatically notified of formal Bids/RFP/RFQ.  It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to proactively seek formal bidding opportunities through the local newspaper legal advertisements or DemandStar. Additionally, no guarantee is expressed or implied that any commodities/services will be purchased as a result of the submittal of the Vendor Information Sheet and W9. 

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