Direct Component (Pot 1)



Direct Component (Pot 1)

Eligible Multiyear Implementation Plan (MYIP) Activities

The RESTORE Act/Treasury provides the scope of activities eligible for funding under the Direct Component. As described in the Act, these activities can include:

  • Restoration and protection of the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine, and wildlife habitats, beaches, and coastal wetlands of the Gulf Region
  • Mitigating damage and restoration of the fish, wildlife, and natural resources
  • Implementing a federally approved marine or coastal conservation management plan
  • Promotion of tourism in the Gulf Region, including recreational fishing
  • Promotion of consumption of seafood harvested from the Gulf Coast Region
  • Infrastructure projects benefiting the economy or the ecological resources, including port infrastructure
  • Workforce development and job creation
  • Improving state parks in the coastal areas affected by the spill
  • Planning assistance
  • Coastal flood protection and related infrastructure
  • Administrative costs of complying with the Act (limited to 3%)

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