Application Fees and Payment Information

Planning & Zoning


Application Fees and Payment Information

Please do not remit payment until the Planning and Zoning Department has reviewed the application and deemed it complete.  Additional copies and payment will be requested after it has been deemed sufficient.

Please fax your Credit Card Payment Form to (352) 486-5405

Common Applications and Fees
(Please contact us if you do not see the information and application you need below)

Zoning Verification Form** $75
Change of Zoning $600
Special Exception Starting at $600
Preliminary Plat $235
Final Plat $225
Conditional Use $600
Small Scale Land Use Amendment $600
Large Scale Land Use Amendment $1,200

** Verification fee of $75 is subject to number of parcels or extent of research necessary to answer inquiries and will be requested prior to verification if deemed necessary.  Please include parcel ID and any zoning-specific questions so we can best assist you.