The Problem with Plastic Bags

Plastic bags in the portable stations impair the recycling process. The reason is when residents place cans, plastics or newspaper in plastic bags and deposit them in the recycling containers the recyclables are trapped in the bags. When the bagged recyclables enter the processing line, it takes a significant amount of time to manually tear the bag open and empty it out, slowing the processing time and increasing the cost to recycle.

Plastic bags are considered “contamination,” that is, an item that mixes with recyclables, reducing the quality of recyclable materials and raising processing costs.

Of course, plastic grocery bags can be recycled PROPERLY by returning them to the store of origin.

This one improvement in the countywide recycling program will significantly increase the quality of recyclables being processed.

What to Recycle


Flattened, Corrugated Cardboard
All of the Newspaper
Brown Paper Bags
Shredded Paper
Computer & Office Paper
Junk Mail


Soda & Beer Cans
Clean Foil
Pie Pans


Soup, Fruit, Vegetable and Juice Cans
Pet Food Cans


All Rigid Containers marked #1 to #2 on the bottom
Please rinse all containers and remove the lids.

Recycling Trailers

Sites for recycling trailers are provided by private landowners or businesses as a courtesy. Illegal dumping results in our being asked to remove the recycling trailers. Please help us protect these sites by only discarding recyclable items in trailers. This means no household garbage, old appliances, furniture or yard trash. Please place items inside the trailer. If you witness illegal dumping please report it to the appropriate authorities.

Contact Information

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